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The work stems from an understanding of Modernism and a respect for the spatial, formal and cultural aspects of other historical periods. By dismissing decorative motifs and allowing beauty to be a more natural by-product, architecture can be free to express an exuberant luxury that would otherwise be hidden.

Architectural projects, whether commercial or residential, benefit from the confident detailing of a thoroughly modern framework of straightforward materials and a rich use and refined composition of color and natural light. The elements of the designs are choreographed to bring a serenity to those who live in or visit the spaces. Soothing but never boring, the work takes possession of its site and expresses a quiet energy through every hour of every season.

Full design service starts at the concept stage and extends through completion of construction. We listen to our clients and our service is personal. We work as a team with you, the contractor, interior designer and other consultants to see that your project is a success. Bentley Tibbs Architect prides itself on carrying out each project with this belief.